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Accounting services

Let’s start with the most common questions – to whom to entrust the management of accounting? Hire a chief accountant or look for a company that provides accounting services? What form of processing is more reliable and useful? We believe that accounting can be managed in two ways.

When hiring an employee -a chief accountant- you will have to face:

  1. Social security contributions
  2. Personnel change, disease, vacation, etc.
  3. Cost of upskilling the employee

When hiring a company which is providing accounting services:

  1. We can offer a highly qualified services. The company usually has considerable experience in managing companies in various fields of activity
  2. You will not incur the cost of creating a working place (a computer, an accounting program, office expenses)
  3. You will avoid social security taxes
  4. You will avoid the cost of upskilling (seminars, trainings)
  5. There will be no problems with personnel changes, the illness of the chief accountant or vacation
  6. You will not have to go through the mistakes made by the accountant, as the company keeping your accounting assumes full responsibility


Accounting and tax consultancy
  • Chart of accounts
  • Company’s accounting policy
  • Applying the BAS (VAS), tax declarations
  • Features of IRT (GPM)
  • VAT registration
  • Law on Corporate Profit Tax
  • Incorporation and liquidation of enterprises
  • Reforming and reorganization of enterprises
  • Evaluation of companies before acquisition (due diligence)
  • Optimization and automation of accounting of large companies
  • Regulation of functions and posts of the company’s accounting service
  • Consulting on business management issues
  • Tax consultancy
  • Advising on accounting issues
Incorporation, re-registration, selling and liquidation of companies

Entrust the start of Your business to us – we will take care of the fast and high-quality process of starting a company and the smooth start of the business what you are creating.
For those who do not have experience in business start- we advise, provide detailed consultations, take care of the process of incorporation of the company: we register the title of the company chosen by You, prepare the necessary incorporation documents, take care of the production of the stamp, registration of the company in the Register of Legal Entities.
The incorporation of a legal entity involves the process from the decision to establish a legal entity of the chosen legal form (LE) until it’s registration in the LE register.
Depending on the legal form of the company, the founder can only be a natural person with legal capacity or both natural person and legal entity.
The establishment of UAB (LTD) is being processed in 2 ways – online or through a notary office. With our help, you will take less time.


We strive to provide our clients with legal services of the highest quality. We are ready to consider the needs of the client and agree on the amount of remuneration for specific services. By representing Your positions, we impose professionalism, quality, and flexibility requirements on ourselves. Your needs can be a challenge for us, but it will never be an insurmountable task, because we work using the highest quality standards, offering professionalism and respect.


1. Company law.
2. Contract law.
3. Labor law.
4. Migration law (employment of foreigners, work permits, visas and residence permit in Lithuania for employees and shareholders, general managers (head)
5. Bankruptcy law;
6. Competition law;
7. Public procurement;
8. Intellectual property law;
9. Finance and tax law, tax disputes;
10. Real estate law;
11. Transport law;
12. Debt collection