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We are a team of accountants and lawyers who work responsibly for many years with business and private clients, provide accounting services from primary documents to financial statements, incorporate companies, prepare commercial contracts, process documents on the employment of foreigners, residence permits on a business basis, consult and prepare documents on the purchase and sale of business, real estate, other property, collecting of debts, inheritance. We love our work and our customers. We guarantee an individual and effective solution and a good price offer!

We believe that accountant and lawyer are very important specialists in the company. Therefore, entrust Your accounting to a company that will care about Your success.


We are Your financial accounting specialists

advisers who care not only about correct accounting, but also about the opportunities to save, effectively make the most of Your potential, and earn more!

Our main activity is accounting, financial and legal advice, business consulting and business start-ups. We consider it our duty to understand your needs, communicate in a language that you understand, to adapt to the time and form that is convenient for you. The main goal of our team is to reflect the state of your company in financial accounting as transparently as possible, based on which you will be able to make the right and profitable decisions and constantly increase the value of your company.


We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers, so our priority is the needs of the client.




Free consultation



Up to 30 min. tax and accounting advice.

  1. Tax returns
  2. Features of RIT (GPM)
  3. VAT registration
  4. Law on Corporate Profit Tax

Accounting for a new company from 60 €/monthly


  • Company accounting
  • Reporting Tax inspectorate, Social Tax Inspectorate (Sodra)
  • Calculation of wages and salaries
  • Documents review
  • Accounting for previous periods (managing of neglected accounting)

Establishment and re-registration of companies from 50 €.

  • Increase of authorized capital
  • Change of the articles (changes in title, operational objectives, etc.)
  • Changes of the company’s head
  • Changes of the company’s legal address
  • Preparation of share purchase and sale agreements
  • Reforming and liquidating companies


Accounting and legal advice


Let’s start with the most common questions – to whom entrust the management of accounting? Hire an employee – a chief accountant or look for a company providing accounting services? What form of processing is more reliable and useful?



Business law services provided by our lawyers include the provision of services to public and private sector companies, including trade, transport, publishing, manufacturing, construction, service provision, public communication and information technology  companies, Lithuanian and foreign natural persons.


Accounting and tax consultancy

Chart of accounts, company accounting policy, tax declarations, peculiarities of RIT (GPM), VAT registration, Law on Corporate Profit Tax.


Establishment, re-registration, and liquidation of companies

We prepare documents, coordinate with a notary, documentation of the authorized capital, preparation of share purchase and sale agreements, amendment of the articles of association, reformation and liquidation of companies.